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    Article: It’s Time to Stop Talking About the Apple Cult


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    what sells Apple: the marketing helps, the word of mouth helps, the enormous number of Apps and accessories available the fact that in the press everything is compared to Apple as the benchmark, and of course the quality of the product, it looks good, feels good, it has a certain elitism, and of course if you have anything other than an Apple you are considered to either be too poor or too stupid to be able to understand why you should have an Apple, all of which leaves people wanting to buy it. Seriously how many people use any of the items to their full potential? Are they cult, no not any more, (although the hardcore elite probably are ). A gadget is a gadget, the same as a car is a car, but I am sure you would all prefer a Ferrari to a Ford, even if the speed limit on the road you use is 30 mph. I do think there are a lot of phones/tablets out there that are as good or better, but again the average person doesn't want to make the effort to find them. Like choosing between an Alfa Romeo, and a BMW, most would take the BMW because it is the standard, I would choose the Alfa

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    My reason for using Apple products is pretty simple. I honestly believe that they are the best built, best engineered and most user friendly devices made. There are indeed other devices that do SOME of the things better than an Apple, but no device does as many things, and does them as well. I'm not crazy about my devices. If I have solid, tangible proof, I'll switch. I guess that makes me not a cultist or fanatic. Just one man's opinion.
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    I agree with the title, those guys/gals are old farts now.

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    I have legitimate reasons why Im against apple. And this article is insulting in the fact that it tries to dismiss all the issues apple fans ignore in the course of pursuing their fandom of apple products and their they can do no harm mentality. First you have a company that had a CEO/founder/Con Artist that not only admitted he steals from competitors but boasted about it, now they try to sue anyone that has something that can even very loosely look or act like a part of there product line. And yet he gets praised like some sort of visionary now that he is dead. Hypocrites. Their products are locked down, their customers are chained and shackled to their apps store and iTunes by use of DRM. They want to control how people do things. They screw their own customers over then call them liars when they complain about fundamental product problems. Its funny that the company name is apple, it reminds me of a biblical story on how the apple in the garden of eve screwed humanity over. They scrapped all corporate philanthropy in the 90's and wont allow apps in their app store to make direct donations to charities. They willingly go thru manufactures that seriously pollute the environment making thousands sick thru toxic waste and the chemicals they use in their manufacturing plants with their workers. And dont get me started on their despicable labor practices in general. Apple doesnt care about its workers they make token gestures to make it look like they care. They make a ton of money and if they really wanted, they could afford to make a lil less and manufacture in a more humane way. You might be saying alot of companies do stuff like that, but other companies didnt use Martin Luther King and Ghandi in their "Think Differently" ads. This is one of the big issues, If they cleaned up their act I wouldnt be as opposed to them. Those are some of the reasons I dont like Apple. Now everyone is entitled their own opinion and if you can live with that stuff good for you, but I cant. And people that love apple products to the point where it looks like fanatacism will still be called apple cultists because they are, and because they ignore everything apple does while they praise it. And stating that people who still use that term are worse than the company is unbelievably ridiculus. People that use the term indiscriminatly are annoying but certainly not as bad as the company itself.
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