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    Article: RUMOR: Microsoft has only sold 500 "Kin" phones


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    I don't know of anyone who's bought one. I see those ads and I keep wondering, "Where did that come from?" A Kin. ...must be some kind of a hybrid that saves gas.

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    Most of them may have been bought for the actors to use on the show "Pretty Little Liars"

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    they look stupid.. and underpowered. does it run winmo? 'cause if it does, you can just add that stigma.

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    I saw the adds for these little phones and the only real positive thing that I took away form the whole thing was that chick pokin' everyone she came across!
    hahahaha that still makes me laugh

    the last lady she pokes in the first video is all "did she just do something to me" hahaha

    and the chick is just pokin' everyone she comes across, it's awesome...
    stupid phone but awesome end to an ad

    I agree with whitepearl, they do look pretty trashy, meant exclusively for social networking and phone calls...
    I'm sure someone would buy it but not I

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