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    Article: RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook, 18 months later


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    As a PlayBook user I would rate this review as somewhat accurate. The four "bad" items listed at the end of the article are not important to me because I don't need more memory (and I use the 16gig device), my OS is not finicky even if the reviewer's was, and I don't care about most "apps" that people are trying to convince us are essential. I've downloaded and installed some basics (like a weather channel app, a password keeper, and a couple more) but the rest of them are fluff. Combined with its Google sync (calendar and email) it's very nice for my purposes.

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    I have the 64 Gb PlayBook and have had it for about 15 months. I take issue with the no removable storage since at the moment I have no requirement for it, and neither does the Ipad have removable storage I don't see people complaining there? I am able to use Files and Folders to open and edit files on Google drive, download/upload to Sugarsync, Box.net.net (which also has a native App) dropbox, and skydrive. I can of course also bridge to my BB and use it as remote control when watching movies through the HDMI on a large screen TV. OK it doesn't have Skype which is not a big deal to me What I do like is that I can plug it into my computer and see all my files without any special software (like ITunes for example)

    I have quite a lot of Apps on it including 4 different file managers, the blackberry one is rubbish, the front and rear cameras are great, when bridged to the BB you can now receive SMS texts as well as BBM, on WiFi you have access to your email, plus I use a 4G Mifi so I can use the PlayBook everywhere.

    I question the statement that PlayBook problems it had at launch are still there, which ones?? What 3rd party integration is required?

    The OS is great to use and just keeps getting better, since 2.0 with predictive text I have really loved it and now I am happy with 2.1. battery life is at least 16 hours

    Personally I am still very happy with it, and so are a lot of my colleagues particularly with how powerful it is and how cheap it was to buy.

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    Hearing the comments. Happy I am. Thanks

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