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    Article: RIM preps enterprise roadshow, chafes at iPad Gartner prediction


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    My major concerns if I was a CIO with BlackBerry Devices, or a CIO looking to move in another direction. The first thing that crosses my mind would be exactly when can you give me the product? Will it be buggy or with the extra time you've taken will it be a solid device? Will there be support immediately at my hands? Will you continue to support and upgrade this device, or will you just move on and wash your hands of it?

    These are things that I have seen since my first BlackBerry, and it's just not RIM it's the Carriers as well. You see and play with a new device in the store, go back in a few months and it's not even offered and off the shelf, and you just bought one and signed a two year contract.

    I know all devices disappear as new technology comes our way but sometimes the consumer is not in the thoughts or minds of the Big Picture.


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