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    Article: RIM: Kill Yourself So Others Might Live


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    I knew some peolple like that... this old man I knew (at the time he was 75) was seriously ill (prostrate cancer). His fortune started to be disputed straight away by the heirs. 3 children from the first marriage and another two from a second marriage as well. They dug his grave and piled sand on it, fought each other for the wealth. A battle that went went on for years since they didn't agree with anything.
    This was about ten years ago. The result? The old man is really old now, he survived. The children?
    Only one left. The others died in accidents, illness etc. And the only one that survives, is in a mental institution.
    I know about this ´cause I managed his vast estate.
    I want to see where all this RIM debacle goes before trying to imagine any split in it's wealth.

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    It would do us all a favor if they just sold out or disappeared I feel bad for the remaining employees and their hopes of a future with RIM. The money section said today another 5000 to go and new devices on hold. Not much wealth left to split I would imagine as fast as they are losing.

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