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    Article: RIM facing mass defection over BlackBerry blunders


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    I sometimes wonder how much of this is wishful thinking on the part of the technical press. I read an article in E-Week that basically gave 10 reasons why blackberry users should migrate en mass to the IPhone 4S. I get the feeling that the press just wants RIM to fail, now I know a number of people will comment that RIM deserves it, and that RIM is so far behind on technology etc etc. but still have a large share of the market, especially outside the US. Reasons listed to change: The 4S has sold 4 million phones, (Hey lets follow the crowd) Design : They state it is the best looking smartphone. Well this is a matter of opinion (theirs and I am sure a lot of other people). Hey how about the Samsung Nexus?? Enough Outages: So RIM had one outage, and they are trying to compensate people for it. What about the antenna problem on the 4, I am sure that we will see problems on the 4S every phone has teething problems RIMS poor financial showing and bad management. (Can't really comment, other than possibilities of BBX and latest OS 7 phones, I don't really see them going bankrupt yet). Better Operating System: Here I would say horses for courses. It depends what you want out of a phone. I am happy with the Blackberry, but I am sure that if I wanted something I could play with download millions of Apps, waist my day, pay out money buying the apps, have it for multimedia rather than a workhorse then I may change. Improved Web Browsing: That's why I have a computer and tablet See answer above Siri: Not for me! I never wanted Vlingo either Physical Keyboards are unnecessary: WHAT???? Security isn't an issue: Again WHAT?? More Apps: A possible reason if you really want more (I don't) Carrier choice is no longer an issue. I don't see any of these as major reasons to change for me, but I am sure that the browser could have been a reason a couple of years ago, along with battery pulls, and wanting to try something new. No I will stick with RIM If you want to see the article it's at: http://mobile.eweek.com/c/a/Mobile-a...ns-Why-691455/

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    Outages happen. It's not the end of the world or the end of RIM. I am completely enjoying my Bold 9900.

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    Just how bad was it, I had problems getting my emails for a bit, but tossing my BlackBerry and moving to something else did not cross my mind, although I would like to have a droid just to see and use, but the blackberry will always be a part of the family

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    Some parts of the world were without BIS for 3 days. It was a couple of days here, at least for me. I could do everything but e-mail.

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