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^^^ of course not. And yes you do have a nice Avitar... We understand...... Smartphone News forum

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    ^^^ of course not. And yes you do have a nice Avitar...
    We understand...

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    Someone please run me an aging report. Sorry, couldn't help myself. It's time you adopt a better OS if not just sell your BBM app on Android OS and/or iOS.

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    admittedly the BB OS's of late leave something to be desired but the hardware that the bbs are built on are pretty good. The only thing they really need to work on is making the OS more trendy because honestly its already pretty efficient on day to day operations, its the bonus features that people seem to crave, just not as pretty as some of the less efficient competitors. People nowadays are attracted to bright shiny objects, like moths.

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    As Magnat says BB is for life, I would add "A BB is for life, not just for Christmas" Seriously there are a lot of problems with BlackBerry's but it does look like RIM is trying its best to fix them, for all the bad things there are also a lot of good things about the BlackBerry, they still do e-mail (and BBM) better than anybody else. They also seem to use less data, (better data compression) and have a more business orientated aproach BES. I have looked at other phones, considered them, but still have a BB, yes the Android and Apple look brilliant and I am sure I would get used to them quickly enough, but I ask myself do I really need all the extra power, I already do all the browsing I need on a computer, if I am away from it, I can use Google and Google Maps when I need to and it works fine, I can lock my phone with a secure password and I can wipe it remotely if needs be, so I am happy.

    Do RIM need to do more yes, are they buying companies left right and center trying to improve things yes, so as Remy says if you are not happy with your BB, there are a lot of other phones on the market to try, because in the short term that may be the only answer.

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