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    Article: Researchers: Fingerprint sensor in iPhone 5S is no silver bullet


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    I think it could be nice to have the scanner on the phone but time will tell how well it works and how much you will be able to use it for. The one trouble I don't like about using a pin like the iphone does is because it's not that hard to watch somebody input the 4 digit code. Watch them a couple of times and you may have it. Now if it would scramble the position of the numbers every time that would help.

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    Wasn't there a Motorola phone a couple of years ago with. Fingerprint reader, plus of course Dell notebooks have had it for ssometime

    Of course this is Apple so it will be totally different

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    The moto Atrix has one. My brother-in-law had one. Wasn't that useful.
    I had a laptop that had one from HP, again I didn't find it all that useful.

    Neither were used for mobile payments. I have a password on the Play Store and alerts if its accessed outside of my device. I don't feel I need another level of security on app purchases.

    Wallet is the same. I font have concern about my device falling into the wrong hands and purchases being made. Of course I can wipe all data and lock it remotely if needed.

    Personally I see little use beyond enterprise use.


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    Now does this mean no other individual can use my phone? It's sort of a double edge sword. Lets say I'm an 85 year old dude and I'm about to die of a heart attack and the only people to contact arson my iPhone how can the Good Samaritan help me out? By forcing my dying hand's thumb or something. I foresee a lot of people disabling this feature kinda like Siri. A waste of an application. Useless feature I suppose. I guess as most have commented only time will tell.

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