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    Article: Report: Apple Abandons Plans for "Universal SIM" in EU


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    I had the opportunity to comment on your thread of October. Since then I read the proposed new law that meets with approval by all member states of the EU, and it does what I said it would: protect citizens from monopolizing strategies, as a example, this attempt by Apple to have you committed to a carrier for the life of a phone. It really meant that. You buy, you choose the carrier, and you stuck with it. Apparently after your choice, your phone would be stuck to that carrier forever. Mind you, AT & T and Apple has done that in the US. Here it isn't possible.
    This is the reason, also, of Apple giving up on this as much as incurring the legislative wrath and billion dollar fines that Microsoft has also experienced.
    The reason that the carriers did not agree is also valid, since they, as partners in the scheme, would face the same music...
    C'est la vie in the EU . Thank goodness !
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