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    Article: The Really Scary Thing About The Bad Reviews For Microsoft's Super


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    "Microsoft offers Twitter integration, but it's so clunky, it would almost be better to not include it at all." There is no mention of which Twitter app he is using. From what I've read about Mehdoh and Rowi, there are no integration issues with either of those Twitter apps.

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    Odd how they complain about the Windows phone not have copy and paste when it first came out, and not multi-tasking as they compare it to the IPhone, yet if I remember correctly the IPhone also didn't have copy and paste, and as far as I am concerned neither it not the IPad has true multi-tasking. Admitted the Nokia may not have the same screen resolution as the the IPhone, which likely means it will get better battery life. As far as usage of the software that will be up to the individual user as to preference. I am sure when phones are designed the designers find it difficult to decide what to go for and how to balance the various requirements, battery life, screen resolution, camera response speed, number of processors, battery life (yes I know I put this twice, but various items have a cause and affect). Tech postings find it very easy to critic on reviews, but very few truly understand the design problems. Apple have got a lot of things right, particularly with the IPhone 4S but there are reasons why they do not compete 100% with the high end super fast processors, and large screens of the new Androids, and that is battery life. Nokia has probably made similar decisions. Good luck with decision on which phone to go with Laura. I personally still have a year to go before an upgrade, so will definitely wait to see what BB10 is like particularly as I really like the OS on the Playbook especially the multi-tasking.

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