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    Article: The Real Reason Your Lumia Phone Won’t Get Windows Phone 8


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    ...we get to inherit the architecture and the scale of a very large number of users.”

    And in the process alienate the very large number of users that have stuck to WM for all these years.
    Yeah. Well done!

    Crikey! Before we had developers, the engineers. The hackers in between them all. After that we have the leeches, the lawyers. Now another profession is damning smartphones: architects. Wow... are there (OS) after-birth professionals out there? Pediatricians?

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    I pretty much had a hunch that this would be the case when I got my current Lumia 900. I really do not care, though. The device was free after the rebate from Nokia for the data bug that some users had, but I did not.

    I would not use NFC anyway, just like I do not use credit card "tap to pay".

    If some app for Windows Phone 8 is introduced, and I cannot live without it, I can always buy a new device at full retail without extending my contract.

    I have friends who have the iPhone4, and they are not complaining that they cannot get Siri. In fact, one of my friends recently got an iPhone4, just because it was cheaper than the 4S.

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    Microsoft has had a disturbing history of doing this, and they've done it again.

    From a developer's perspective, we had some Windows Mobile apps back in the WM 4.x days that we kept alive with WM 5 and 6. Microsoft comes along and announces Windows Phone 7 and says there is no upgrade path for devices or apps to Windows Phone 7. To make a long story short, we pulled the plug on our Windows Mobile development and have gone to Android.

    So now Microsoft has done a similar thing...perhaps not as drastic, since at least some WP 7.x apps will work with WP 8 (is that correct?). However, they're saying WP 7.x phones are not upgradable and WP 8 will be yet another new development environment.

    So, as a developer, at this point would I bother doing any more development for WP 7? Considering Microsoft's measly market share at this point, no way...if I wanted to work with the WP platform, I'd start working with WP 8....and hope they don't pull the same thing when it comes to WP 9 time. Some of the Microsoft technology is quite good, but they keep throwing it out and starting over.

    Oh, and for those of you that currently are running WP 7 phones, I wouldn't count on many new apps coming out...I imagine the developers are all working on WP 8 stuff.

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    It was a similar thing with Windows 7, if you were running XP you could not perform a simple upgrade to windows 7 even if your hardware could support it. In actual fact if you were going to move to 7 from XP you may as well move from 32 Bit to 64 Bit and add more memory. So if that is possible on a computer I am sure some bright software engineer will set up a step through routine to reload your operating system from scratch providing that the hardware spec is sufficient. It's not like it is only Microsoft that does this, RIM is did it with OS6 to OS7 and now BB10, Apple is not letting you have all the features of OS6, Microsoft is giving you a version close to Windows 8 but not calling it that, I have had countless programs over the years that have been built as totally new Platforms which are not upgradeable, I really do not see it as an issue. As I said earlier until Windows 8 was announced everyone was happy with Windows 7, the same goes for everyone running OS 5 on their IPhones, yes they have a few extra goodies but is it really enough of an issue for people to get so uptight about.

    I ask another question, how many times have you rushed to upgrade your software then regretted that you have lost some little option that you found really useful but for some reason the developer thought was pointless and decided not to keep it?? You win some you lose some, but in the end you progress. I didn't upgrade from XP on one of my machines and Windows 7 on another, will I upgrade to Windows 8 probably not until I really see that it will be advantageous to my needs, the same with Microsoft Office I have about 3 different versions running, plus I still have a really old version of WordPerfect which I used to use on the early versions of Windows + a DOS version, on which I really loved being able to display all the formatting codes, took a lot of getting used to work around those options. So enjoy what you have and look forward to upgrading the hardware to run your new software!
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