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    Article: Radio Shack will Start Tmo G2 Sales on October 3rd - and Cheaper!


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    very interesting.... tmo+radioshack Apple+ATT Verizon---??? Fry's?? lol
    I just wondering what the future would bring. Certainly from a business standpoint this should prove to be very profitable for tmo htc and radioshack. I just wonder how much this is gonna raise the bar so to speak. Tmo has always been stable but dead last in deployment of newer faster speeds, i like to think that they were trying not to promise more than they could handle, but now that tmo has released a "4g" phone doesnt it sort of seem as if they are skipping 3g for the most part? And if tmo is going to the 4g era, that will force att and verizon push up their time tables dramatically. can you imagine a tmo that already has great customer service(imho) and some of the fastest network devices......do i dare to dream lmao

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