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    Article: Most popular Android app caught harvesting users contacts: Faceboo


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    Weak, fragmentation.... Geez.

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    I've never seen the need for Facebook and still don't. Those I know and WANT to keep in contact have my mobile, home and email addresses. If I want to share photos then I send a shared photo stream or a link to it to those people. I use to use Picasa to do the same thing. Stored in my account and sent a link to those I wanted to see it. Facebook and the need for people to "feel" important only highlights the society we live in. Where everyone is looking for there 15 minutes of fame. No matter the cost.

    The government steps in on all kinds of anti-trust issues for businesses. It should absolutely hammer Facebook. I see no less than a 10 billion dollar fine and possibly putting them out of business a adequate response to this. As in most things, a strong message is the only thing that's gets the boardrooms attention.

    As for your comment Cooley, I see it as a moot point in this argument. Fragmentation is another subject and even though it may have some to do with this situation. It's a company's responsibility to not exploit it. It would be the same as someone breaking in your house because you haven't updated your keys to the newest version.

    Not disagreeing with you because I understand your comment. Smartass, I like it.
    couldn't think of a better way to put that last paragraph at the moment.

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    I love facebook. It makes people think I'm cool.
    lighten up...life's too short

    my favorite cydia apps and hacks

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