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    Article: PinStack Weekly App Picks - 5


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    MS I couldn't live without my BW either. One of my top 3 apps!

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    Thanks for the info on Tether, I will send this page link to my daughter who just put aside her Droid Eris for the BBStorm2.

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    I think tether gave up on the Android app.....i was in on the beta, it blue screened my laptop....i gave feedback and they said they would let me know when another version was available.....that was quite a while ago and I never heard back. There are free tether apps for android (pdanet) and it is built into the upcoming release of 2.2 (froyo) so people don't need to buy an app.

    Vlingo and BW rock, and tether for BB is great.

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    Didn't know that about the Tether for Android version. Thanks for the heads up.

    I do think they're still working on it, though because when I was having some minor issues with the desktop piece, they sent me a desktop version with Android options.

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