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    Article: Phone Unlocking Could Soon be Illegal! Stop the Madness!


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    Legislation for this is due now isn´t it? I also think it sucks.
    But if I was a carrier that had heavily financed a phone I´d also be upset.
    US is blatantly a "sponsored" smartphone world. If you can get a SIII (or similar) from almost a penny to 200$US the carriers do have a right. Here our carrier sponsorship is almost non- existant A SIII, as an example, even if sponsored by a carrier is well in excess of $400. If I opt for a 100 Euro or thereabouts monthly plan (massive ball and chain for 2 years) the phone will still cost me 300 Euros.
    So if the cost of acquiring a smartphone for such low value (in the US) then maybe the carriers do have a reason.
    And... I can´t sign the petition. US citizens only of course.

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