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    Article: OPINIONS: Why Customize?


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    Custom shells have been done by do-it-yourself modders for years. I've seen white and blue GNex, red evo 3ds, and different color s2/s3 combos. Saw one guy use a housing that was white with black screen bezel and black battery door. Called it a stormtrooper s2.

    Aside fr color I'm just eh on this.
    Really don't care who likes the look of my device as long as I do.

    As for internals, I don't see it as being truly cost effective. Multiple configurations across the same platform call to mind the butchering Samsung is doing to the GS4 line. Add that I really doubt most would care what's under the hood. I'd wager if you ask any of your friends what CPU/GPU is in their device across any platform only the tech heads will know.

    Just give me the ability to do more complex things with my home screen and I'll be happy.

    I seem to be on a minimalist kick lately though...

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