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    Article: OPINION: Do You Trust RIM?


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    I like this statement:
    However, RIM finally realized that it won’t win if it tries to be everything to everyone, so it is narrowing its focus to “BlackBerry People,” consumers who focus on personal productivity. This is sound strategy
    This speaks to my purpose for using a BlackBerry - "Personal Productivity" - and is why I will always carry a RIM product as long as they are in business. I have always called it PIM capabilities, but the primary purpose for my smartphone is as a super organizer. I don't feel so alone now!

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    Mark hit the ball out of the park, some like a computer with a phone attached. I think with Blackberry, you get a solid communicator with computer capabilities....a tool if you will. Something for everyone at Pinstack!

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    Same here I wish RIM all the best.

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