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    Article: OK, Now the BlackBerry Storm 3 thing is gonna get Really Confusing


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    Hmm, I'm surprised they would make the Storm 3 the first BlackBerry with 4G.
    But then again... It's just speculation

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    ask me!
    would be nice..looks like an awesome phone. A few things on that pic to maybe answer your last question Mark. The language on that piece of paper is of a philippine dialect....that water cups from dannon "Aqua" i have yet to come across in canada (unless someone else has) ....(RIM based in Canada ..) Screen has a reflection of the camera flash...i just cant tell what the top reflection might be.

    Huh maybe RIM has the phone out somewhere in another country for testing so it doesn't leak. but i guess it didnt work lol as this photo turned up on the internet.

    just a few thoughts!

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    I think they should leave the "Storm" moniker behind. When I think of "Storm" I think of 2 phones that left a bad taste in peoples mouths.

    I hope they get it right this time around.

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    @Ranz , For sure the language ont that paper is not Philipine dialect , Its Indonesia .

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    The language would either be Malay or Indonesian, both are very similar. Aqua is water, and I believe that was sold in Indonesia, and possibly Malaysia. :-)

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    What do you guys make of this:

    Could it be the Storm 3? or G3

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    Not to dig up an older thread but i read that the storm3 with QNX OS will not only be 4g but have the ability to be a mobile hotspot and "tether" that way. And also that it will be going towards not only verizon but tmo and the supposed date will be sometime this sept. All the tmo reps said was " Im not allowed to talk about anything other than whats coming out this month. The rumor also said that the Torch 2 will be released as well to those same carriers.

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