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    Article: Now is a Horrible Time to buy Android Phones


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    Tech peeps already know this but dont seem to care much or at least don't seem to rally any pressure on carriers to open the doors a little bit with the contacts.

    There will never be a good time to buy an Andriod device or on the other hand any time is a good time because it does not really matter. You want or need a new device you spend a little time looking and deciding then you buy just like most things. Sure it's probably true but what's the point? Change how Google or the Carriers do business and you may have a good point to the article.

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    I would have to agree with srl here. This is like when 3-4 years ago people said you shouldn't buy a new laptop. Technology is constantly changing. What you buy now, will be outdated within 6-12 months, but that's life. You can't always hold off and not get anything because of that. As srl pointed out, find something you like and go for it. Also, I really like the Tmobile model of just buying out your phone and doing a month by month, because if you do the math, you will quickly realize that you pay the same amount anyway. Their motivating factor is the $15-20 less per month.

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    As much as I do like to read editorials from Zack Epstein, when I do, I always question his motives. But putting that aside, and in line with what Steve and Ventz say, I question the fact of when is it a good time to buy a smartphone? Android, iOS, Windows and even BB. Or even a dumb phone.I remeber starting with Windows Mobile and hanging on to the HP models available at the time. Since then I've had a torrid time in keeping up with all of them. Maybe BB was more stable as far as new tech availability. But then came iOs and all the iterations, the doubts whether we should hang on to the 3G because the 3Gs was not really the one to change to, because the i4 was about to break out...the Windows was the same, with the manufacturers updating their ware and softwares, and now is definitely (then) not a good time with the Lumia from Nokia just about coming out. Hang on, wait. HTC is also going to change the current One series in the 4th quarter of 2012. BB ? No, don't get involved with the OS7 and 9900 because we're talking short term about OS 10 and some new glass faced hardware. The doubts are everywhere Mr. Epstein. Not just Android, although the frustration with this OS is aggravated by the fact that the Droid have multiple manufacturers and so the clients ultimate choice could be confusing.And you know what Mr. Epstein? This is all good news. People have a choice, provided they have the money and the need. A choice, they'll have. Gratefully. They're not bound to any particular make or software...get that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by delfim View Post
    Not just Android, although the frustration with this OS is aggravated by the fact that the Droid have multiple manufacturers and so the clients ultimate choice could be confusing.
    This, to me, is the biggest drawback regarding Android smartphones: the software, not the hardware. Android has become fragmented, as has Linux. A new customer might not know the difference between vanilla Android or the various iterations each particular manufacturer uses. Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich might just sound like dessert foods to a customer who is not tech-savvy.

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