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    Article: Nostalgia...


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    Great post.

    I had;
    The Super Nintendo when I was 9 years old. My first ever gaming system.
    The Playstation.
    The Motorola Startac. First cellphone ever. Loved it and still have it.
    Aim. I worked at AOL so I remember it fondly.
    Nokia. Had a few Nokia cellphones.
    Motorola razr. I was one of the first people to get it at this pharmaceutical company I worked for. Everyone was so amazed by that phone.

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    Had a lot of these. Remember wanting a Super NES so badly but got a Genesis instead. Was so disappointed, had to play Super Mario World.

    Wanted a Razr but waited to get a black one. By that time they were so common. Back then I was a snob and wanted something no one else had. Actually glad I ended up with that POS, I dumped it for a BB Pearl, then moved to the 8310, but only after that horrible stop with the OG iPhone.

    Miss the OG Playstation at times. Neighbor bought one and we would spend afternoons after work playing NFL and getting hammered. Would pick our favorite teams for a season, the other playing whomever the opponent (victim) was on the schedule. Good times......

    All this stuff is so dated, fun to look back on but would be horrible to have now. Its like old games I remember fondly. Every now and then will go back and play only to find my memories are far better then the actual game is compared to what's out now.

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