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    Article: Nokia to Acquire Scalado


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    I wonder how the 10,000 people they are letting go will feel about this, I suppose they have to cut staff so they have enough money to purchase Scalado, who are certainly good tech wise (they built the camera app being integrated into BB10), and it probably makes senses business wise considering the 41 Mp cameras Nokia is putting on some of their phones. All the same I would be really upset if I was working for them and wondering if I was going to be one of the people being retrenched.

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    There's a few Nokia's, Dave. And essentially there's a holding, capital company, that has nothing to do with Nokia, the manufacturing arm. And yes, it´s hard to understand this when it comes to laying off people that have worked life long lives in Finland, and other small plants across the world.
    So it goes today... I was about to post the article on the layoffs.
    The latest news now is it´s more than the 10k they´re talking about... pathetic.

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