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    Article: Nokia bashes Samsung and Android in bizarre Twitter attack


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    I have never seen the thought behind this kind of competition bashing. I am a Samsung user and I'm not fond of their tactics either. They all just need to shut up and let their technology and quality do the bashing for them.


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    I'll just be happy when they all show the product and it's features. Not the bashing. That won't happen until someone other than Apple is top dog.


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    I know you and I don't see eye to eye on many things so it won't come as a surprise that this is one as well.

    Apple isn't the catalyst for the bashing. Its happened throughout advertising and given MS dollars are no doubt behind this it shouldn't here. Car makers have poked fun at each other for years, and there were the Lite beer ads in the 70/80's, and coke/Pepsi. Remember the coke guys battling it out in the middle of the store?

    I will give you this, smartphome companies take it a bit further, bit in the end its funny, all of them. Madison Avenue knows humor and sex sell. I'm personally afraid of sex laced phone adds.

    Although I'm sure Apple would pick some alluring models...


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