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    Article: Next-gen Nexus 7 specs leak: Quad-core CPU, Android 4.3 and wirele


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    Why is wireless charging such a big thing ? I like to use my phone while its charging but with wireless id have to leave it on a table.

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    I think it's a big deal b/c it makes fumbling with the cables (especially in the dark) a thing of the past. Also, I think it will be much easier for most people to just "drop the device on their desk" on a wireless pad and charge it in between work. The only time I have played with wireless charging was with the Palm Pre (which I had for a week), and to be completely honest, it was amazing. The only down side was slow charging. At this point, I would give anything for wireless charging on every device instead of having to "fumble" with the cord at night in the dark trying to plug it in while someone is sleeping.

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