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    Article: New Windows 8 Features Show Exactly What's Wrong With Windows


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    I smiled at this one. Those two features would probably be big hits and welcomed new features. If implemented they will need to be simple tho. It does get old wiping/reinstalling and trying to get everything back in place like before. Keep it very simple for the consumer and you will have a winner.

    I'm still never buying a Windows machine ever again in my life time but I'm sure millions would love this none the less.

    Foot note:
    Windows runs better on my Mac than on any PC I've ever owned. Things that make you go Hmmmmmm?
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    Reset, I can see as useful, but seriously how many people really sell their PC's? Normally they are used till they die, then another is bought. Refresh, hmm, could be useful, might make people seriously look at all the software they have, and decide which programs they use a lot and which they never use, and can therefore be removed forever. How many people bother to turn their computers off at night, (no I don't mean hibernate or suspend) actually turn off completely. This is quite a useful procedure as it truly clears the memory, and keeps the computer running well. Then there's the general housekeeping, cleaning the Registry, scanning for Viruses, malware, Spam, etc, deleting browser history files, cookies, cleaning temporary files, backing up all the files, syncing important files to the cloud, ensuring that when you save your JPG's you keep them at maximum quality, otherwise they will quickly degrade every time you open them, keep a pristine copy of all the original jpg's etc. Hmm makes me wonder Why do we use these computer things? And the more gadgets we have the more we should do this with each gadget. And you Apple guys out there should also be doing the majority of the above. Trouble is most people are too lazy to do this, and so when the computer crashes (and they do) everything is lost.

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