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    Article: New Lumia Windows Phones Next Month


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    Nokia picked the losing team to risk everything on. I can understand RIM being stubborn and sticking BB OS. It was a terrible, but understandable, mistake. But Nokia gave up on symbian only to choose the wrong team! Windows phone 8, 9, or 10 doesn't have a chance of catching Android. Which, by the way, is widening the gap on the competition. Someone needs to be fired.

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    Agreed. I think Nokia could have done better than getting in bed with Microsoft, who has yet to come up with a mobile OS that has traction. MS's reputation for abandoning existing mobile platforms also has to be scaring people away. I think Nokia would have made a terrific low-mid Android phone that would have sold well. Oh well...

    Its also one thing that the carriers say they're supporting WinPhone, but the retailers do not. I happened to be in two different T-Mobile stores recently. Both had exactly one Windows phone (probably the Nokia) and, in both cases, the store rep steered me away from it.

    Also interesting in the article: 600,000 Nokia phone in 1Q12. Number of Androids activated per day: over 900,000. The numbers speak. (And yes, I realize Nokia isn't the only WinPhone available)

    There's just no traction for Microsoft.

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