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    Article: The Netbook Isn’t Dead — It’s Just Resting


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    Interesting article - My main data device these days is an Eee PC Netbook, running Windows 8. I carry it everywhere. Netbooks may not be popular, but they are extremely useful when used correctly. It is much stronger than my BB Playbook and it integrates perfectly with my Mango smartphone. Since a Netbook is an actual (though small) Notebook, I can utilize the full versions of (desktop) Windows 8 and Office 2010 plus email plus full-blown browsers, without having to use the stripped down apps on tablets and smartphones. My Windows 8 Netbook, along with my Windows phone and SkyDrive is the best data setup I've ever had.

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    Got a Toshiba Dynabook Same as Mark's remarks. Useful when used correctly.

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    Sorry, but all I have to say it MacBook Air -- this has become the defacto standard for a laptop for me. Light, thin, long battery, very powerful (if you get max config)

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