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    Article: My Smartphone is THE Best Smartphone there Is!! Here's Why!!


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    Great article. I dont really understand the "my phone is better than your's" mentality. Although it is human nature to defend/promote what he or she likes. That being said, it ultimately boils down to what is best for YOU, what suits YOUR needs the best. All of the big three-iPhone, Droid and BlackBerry do differnt things really well. Now if they would combine all three into one device-I'd be a buyer. Good job Mark.

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    There's only 1 best! The Droid X!

    Seriously though, great article. "The best" argument really irritates me. I wouldn't trade my Droid X for any phone on the market, and Android is dominating! But its not for everyone. Well it is, but it would be naive to believe everyone would embrace it as the best. It would also be counter productive for the consumer to have a best. I give props to the iphone for raising the bar. It made a company(giant) like Google take interest in the smartphone game and Android was brought forth. Now Android has raised the bar on Apple, RIM, and anyone else. So we will see better products from these companies as a result if they wish to remain relevant.

    So I say there is no best, even though I know the DX is the best, and let these companies knock themselves out trying to out do one another to create "the best". It only means good times ahead for us.

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    At least let me say this: if the hat fits, wear it!
    Great insight Mark. Really, we the end customer, should all be wise for the particular needs we have. The rest is pure entertainment.
    And this fact, alone, is what keeps us wanting more and different, Much of this desire is aesthetic, the want for one up-manship, and a brief period of calling to yourself, much desired attention.
    In the end, this produces all the hardware and software development we are witness to. And that´s what the industry needs to advance and it´s (not exactly) what we need (exactly) to improve on what we already have.
    So we should be more attentative - let´s be selfish !
    What I have is exactly what I need, now.
    Couldn´t agree more.

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