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    Article: Mobiado Introduces its Classic 712 Stealth


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    I think not!

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    Wow, that is something I really do not want!

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    The New 712 Stealth is named after the realization that if anyone is dumb enough to pay $2,970 for this, you will quickly go into ninja mode, and keep this phone tucked away in your pocket. You wont want your friends knowing how much you paid for this embarrassing device running Symbian S40.

    The aluminum frame is created from aircraft aluminum to build a strong/stiff yet light body, it is glass-bead blasted to give a matte finish, and then anodize coated black to produce a rock hard ceramic coating for the toughest of uses.
    This means that this phone will stand up to the rigorous abuse of taking this device, throwing it against the wall, or simply wanting to beat yourself to death with it after purchasing such monstrosity, but hey it has a dragon on it, and dragons are cool, right?

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    Stealth ? Does that mean I can talk, navigate, cruise and no one will see me ? And I can avoid carrier costs due to my signal bouncing off in another direction ? If that is the case, this jewel is an investment !

    Side Note: Don´t care much for the logo. It seems to be made by Peugeot ! Hell, it almost costs as much...

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