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    Article: Microsoft And Nokia Face Mobile Future Together


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    The graphs show Windows Phone totals roughly tripling since January. Considering that they started with such a low number to begin with, I don't find it all that impressive. The other thing I get from the graphs is that Nokia is dominating Windows Phone sales. Considering that the others (Samsung and HTC) are so invested in Android, Nokia's market share increase over the past few months isn't that impressive, especially in the USA.

    I'm sure Nokia is producing a decent phone and Windows 8 will probably be a decent phone OS. At least so far, Windows Phones are spinning their wheels. And now they're going to come up with a new refresh on September 5. Hmm. That gives them about a week. Another little phone company is coming out with new stuff a week later. Guess who's going to get all the ink? Nokia and Microsoft...you missed your opportunity.

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