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    Article: LG’s cruel BlackBerry death taunt triggers fierce backlash


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    Yeah, that was pretty low of LG.

    I got talked into an LG phone for my first Android phone. With a lot of marketing push from LG and TMo, but probably not as much for the G2, I picked up a G2x a couple of years back. What happened? LG, after a very short time, completely abandoned it. Promised updates didn't happen. Plus buggy, would lock up, etc. I probably wore out the back from the battery pulls. Finally, I picked up an off-market build at xda and it was halfway decent. Still couldn't go without a reboot after a day or two...and I certainly don't stress out the phone.

    Even with BlackBerry's problems, I'd go back to them before purchasing another LG device. I'm in the Samsung camp for now. Reboot once every week or two, if I remember.

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