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You can view the page at http://forums.pinstack.com/content.p...Plenty-To-Hide... Smartphone News forum

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    Article: LAW & ORDER: Plenty To Hide.


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    1-6 is all true and is only the tip of the iceberg.
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    Quote Originally Posted by srl7741 View Post
    1-6 is all true and is only the tip of the iceberg.
    +1. I agree with all points made.

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    This makes me feel like Im guilty until proven innocent.
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    This is a very difficult and emotive subject, all items 1 thru 6 are true, no-one is perfect and we all break the law in our lives, how many of us break speed limits, take pens or paper from work etc do you want me on be constantly watched. In the UK in towns where all the streets are under surveillance the crime is reduced and moves to the next town over where there is no surveillance. Look at the pain that we all go through to get on a plane yet we put up with it for the sake of safety and political correctness
    Life has changed over the years children don't go out to play on their own, we go through metal detectors and full body scans to get on a plane, the government tells us not to smoke not to drink large cups of soft drink, not to eat certain types of fats, not to drink and drive, not to drink when pregnant etc. George Orwell could happily say "I told you so" Then there are the tracking cookies, the GPS locations the phone tracking by cell tower, the patriot act that is still in place which gives the government untold powers, but we ignore it all because in the end so much data is collected that most of it is just filed away as there is not enough computing power and people to handle it all, if there were criminals would all be caught. So as Bobby McFerrin so eloquently put it in his song of the same name in 1988 "Don't worry be happy" After all worrying will not change anything.
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    I don't know, I guess maybe I'm the odd one out. I know there are ways to hide online, not all fool proof or exactly legal, but I just don't care.

    Why stress it? I fall into the category of those that feel "I'm innocent, so I don't worry about being watched".
    I've always figured that whatever I do online, on my phone is being watched, tracked. Every now and then I'll stick a digital finger at the man and search a crazy topic, go to a questionable site. I have a few problems with big authority.

    Nearly every job I've had there have been cameras watching all I do. I know the dead spots but I don't care. If I'm going to break the rules I do it in full view. Let's be honest though, checking my phone to see if Cas has sent me a text telling me she's had a seizure or if any other emergency text isn't exactly promoting anarchy at work. I get in trouble too, and they as "didn't you know there was a camera?" Sure I did, but I just don't care.

    Why? Because just as much as they annoy me, they protect me as well. Guy comes in to rob the place, then I know they got him on tape. I get accused of doing something wrong, then I've got proof I didn't do it as much as they can prove I did IF I did.

    It's life. To me it's not 1984, not as I read it anyway. I see the arguments and appreciate both sides, but in the end I don't care. I've done nothing wrong.

    So big brother....read my texts, they're boring. Check out where I go online, you can count my frequent sites on one hand. IF I ever lose it and plan to bomb the hell out of a local mall, or go nuts and mail anthrax to folks, please get on it and stop it. If I ever disappear online, cut down my cell usage, and you can't find me easily, then you have something to worry about. If I lose my mind, get peeved enough to want to overthrow you Big Brother....I ain't gonna do it out in the open

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