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    Article: Judge won't bar Steve Jobs quotes from patent trial


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    Everyone knows what side of the fence I'm on with this, but I am not sure that I agree with this ruling.

    Let's face it, yes Jobs was driving hard in his war against Google, but to include what a dying man said in an biography is a bit much. What CEO of any company wouldn't say things similar when locked in a big battle for the hearts and minds (and honestly, Apple wants the minds) of users? I'm believing this is prejudicial in about every aspect.

    Of course we know Google didn't rip off Apple. Various reports put Android in development before or, at the very least, the same time as iOS. Let's not play with that, or agree to disagree.

    This war is above all, silly. It's a silly little campaign that both have entered and it's only hurting you and I. To believe anything else is to be so fully entrenched in your side as to avoid and ignore reality. I've said it so many times and I still believe it, WE will pay the price for this. Those lawyers have to be paid and last I checked neither side has a "Save the Lawyers" general charity set up.

    As users the best we can to is show our displeasure. Show either side that the only true outcome will be disgruntled buyers. Will it stop anyone from buying the device they love? No. Will it really make a difference? Most likely no, if we remain quiet.

    If a sad little rag tag group of hipster hypocrites can make Times person of the year over Wall Streets injustices then maybe "We The Users" should stand up and make ourselves heard by sending emails or phone calls to each. Seriously.

    Think about it for just a minute. How many of you are sick and tired of reading article after article of lawsuits? At some point we will see lawsuits over what suits the lawyers are wearing.

    Hit twitter, facebook. Hit your favorite website. Stop bickering and make a little difference.

    Or, just sit there, shaking your head, and get pissy when the time comes to buy your next device and it's $200 pure profit for the maker. Enough is enough.

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