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    Article: Is a thin phone really that important?


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    Thin is in

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    Seems like everybody talks about how thin a phone is and I've said it before I miss the Blackberry 7520. Loved the size and keyboard on this one and made typing a breeze. And I think because of it's size it made the speaker phone much better. Years ago Motorola made a small two way radio and because it was so thin the biggest problem was you broke the board in it because it was too thin. Not many of them left because they just broke too easy #4407

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    I enjoy a thinner phone however I still struggle with the qwerty keyboard on the screen because I can't feel the keys. I'm a typing freak, I love to type sometimes hitting 120+ wpm on the computer. I also really liked my blackberry and then my Motorola slider because they both had a real keyboard I could touch. I now am on the nexus and get easily frustrated with the keyboard, I agree thinnercan be nice especially for pockets, purses, diaper bag etc. But being thin isn't everything, I'd rather have a longer battery life than an extremely thin phone that could get broken even easier.

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