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Originally Posted by jfcooley Like dropdown notifications or quick toggles or larger screens or maps? ... Smartphone News forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfcooley View Post
    Like dropdown notifications or quick toggles or larger screens or maps?
    Those didn't change the industry or surrounding markets. That's more of what I was replying to. Even though the Atrix had a finger print scanner. Nothing was really done with it. NFC and Google Wallet was an attempt to create and change the way we use our smartphones. Not just reading the web or playing a game. It hasn't taken off, all though it's a fantastic idea. Dropdown notifications is a great design, so are quick toggles. But that's more evolutionary than revolutionary. Same goes with larger screens. I'm not sure were maps even plays into this.

    Things such as unibody construction,combining the RGB section to the actual glass are things that change the industry. They are evolutionary and both revolutionary at the same time. More manufactures will follow that process now. Take the HTC One for instance.

    I'll move onto Siri, as I feel this has the most correlation to NFC and the rumored fingerprint sensor. If I remember correctly, Google had voice search long before Apple. It was Siri that has changed the way we use our devices and made it popular among smartphone buyers. Even though Google had something somewhat similar before hand. Now, Google Now is a big thing amoung Android and Apple users alike. But it was Apples implementation of Siri in the 4 that change the market and how we view it. I think the same holds true for NFC and fingerprints. Visa and MasterCard have tried to break into this market with little success. Take Wallgreens for a second, if you walk in there you'll notice they have the ability to use NFC devices and Digital Wallets such as Googles. But how many people have you seen use it? I have seen 2. The reason, it's just not common or not well known that you can do that. The tech is available now to it but it's not widespread among users. Even those that have smartphones capable of utilizing the tech. On top of that, merchants are wary about spending the money to implement such devices so users can use this tech. Each one is holding each other back. Let's throw Apple's iPhone in the mix. Now you have a device that has a very loyal following with a very very large base. Once that happens, merchants would be more willing to spend the money to bring in these new registers. That's all very brief, but I think you can see my point. Of this and my other post. Also, I'd bet donuts to dollars that Google really want's Apple to get into this market. It's only going to highlight what they've already had. And bring more of their users to Wallet.

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    I agree and disagree. Respectfully.
    I have the kids and we finally have ac so I've got to leave it at that. Good post.

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