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    Article: iPhone 4S battery issue points to Setting Time Zone switch


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    great article...see del should post articles like this...wait.....never mind...

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    I admit I have not been paying close attention to this one. i did speak with a few verizon peeps who where having serious issues with the battery and could not figure out what the issue was. They just swapped units out for new ones but even the new ones were having issues. I've payed close attention to mine (At$T) and have not experienced the battery drain. I did notice on day two or three my battery went from 100% down to 80% in just an hour or so without using it. I did a hard reset then plugged it back in and charged it back to 100% and have not had any issues. I can go about 2 days depending on usage of course. There is no doubt in my mind something is causing it but I would like more data before deciding.

    1. Is it carrier specific?
    2. Set up as new devices or restore from backup

    I suspect it may be due to the new Notifications or Location Services too but the question is which one? I'm looking forward to more info on this topic. I'm guessing we will see an iOS update soon to resolve it.

    Side note: This time I decided to set up my new iPhone4S as new and never did look back to what was on my old iP4. I looked at it this way....

    Yes setting it up as new would mean I was going to spend an hour or two installing Apps and tinkering with settings but heck, it's a new phone so I was going to spend a few hours just playing around with it getting used to the new features anyway. May as well do it from the virgin perspective.

    One last thing? Food 4 thought
    My iPad2 has iOS5 WiFi only with the same settings and I have not experienced any issues with the battery.
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