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    Article: iPhone 4GS antenna make minor changes


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    Can't help but wonder if Apple isn't supporting these rumors. None have indicated much of a change, making me wonder if the iPhone 5 may indeed be a major upgrade of sorts. Apple has everyone looking right while they head left.

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    Could very well be, Jay.

    I would be disappointed if the i5 wasn't a major upgrade over the i4 and in fact I expect it will be.

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    ...expect iOS improvements. We all know that. As for the rest I'm not so hopeful. A little cosmetic change, but very little else. Maybe take out glass put in aluminum or stainless...
    At least the antenna seems to be addressed.
    I mean, Christmas is around the corner ? And then ? Apple won't have anything to make us spend our money on ?
    No. It's not like them.

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