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    Article: iPad 2 Sales Sluggish after Brisk Start


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    I think you mean the New Apple IPad sales are sluggish, not the IPad 2. I wonder at the logic behind the article though, Apple sold 3 million IPads during the launch weekend which is more than most the other manufactures have sold in total. This is not about bad sales it is more about what the analysts expect. You all know that I am not particularly an Apple fan, and while I have an old IPod and my wife has an IPad2, I could not see any reason for her to upgrade to the new IPad. A lot of people however did see the need to buy a new IPad (3 million of them). So this may be more the case of the market place being saturated along with a poor economy rather than people not wanting or liking Apples new product, after all not everyone has the money to lay out on new gadgets every year, the youth who I am sure would love to have the latest item may be restricted by the parents saying no, not at the moment because their jobs are not as stable as they would like, or their house needs a new roof, or the gas prices are so high they are reducing the amount of extra cash available. Everything these days is about instant gratification, you write an article for the press and press a button it is published, you want to buy shares you go online press a button and its done, you read the article, worry you will lose money sell your shares instantly and enough people do the same thing the stock drops, no need to phone your broker, discuss the options and then say sell, a process which can take a couple of days, giving you time to think. Then add to that reporters do not go to the countries they are reporting on, instead relying on people's Ireports (as CNN coined it) or reading Associated Press, so if one report is wrong or inaccurate it percolates through multiple news agencies. What should be remember is that at the moment the IPad still dominates the market and will do whilst the technical press love it, and developers keep developing Apps for it.

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    I agree entirely with Dave. iPad may have cannibalized iPad 2, and even vice-versa.But ultimately, the market maybe a bit saturated and there are other priorities. At least I hope that's the way people should think. The economy dictates our choices and causes restraints. The press on the other hand, are forever seeking new news, unrestrained...

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