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    Article: iOS 7 Screwed Developers Who Make Apps For Both iPhone And Android


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    Personally, I don't see a problem with this. I also would not see a problem if the situation was reversed and it was Android who had made a major change and caused developers to focus on them for a period of time. It's a competitive business.

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    Leads the market with web share. Leads the market with online buying. More CC on file than any other company. Leads the market in music downloads. And oh yea, leads the market in money paid to developers. While android has flooded the market with cheap junk phones to gain the market share(which is the correct decsion by them), Apple leads in profits, by a substantial margin. Something Android will have a long hard climb to get to. And it won't be in the next 5 years. So, iOS7 as a defense he says, I hardly think so. If you're an app developer, you develop for iOS. And everything else is second. Has been that way, still is that way, and will be that way for a while to come.

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