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Originally Posted by BHP77 So how many stopped buying Exxon-Mobile fuel or BP fuel and ... Smartphone News forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by BHP77 View Post
    So how many stopped buying Exxon-Mobile fuel or BP fuel and products?? Every business does things that are...wait for it... In their best interests. And why shouldn't they??? If you don't buy Apple products based on something like this the I say, stop driving your car, stop buying anything electronic. Don't buy bicycles(80% are made in China,by you know who). Hell just don't come out of the house. Don't condemn one then turn around and buy something else when they do the same or worse.
    This subject is far beyond Apple. They get thrown into it because they're the big boys on the block. Comes with the territory.
    first off, Im not saying to boycott everything that would be impractical and illogical. I was saying that its a good idea to probably not buy stuff from the worst ones just because its popular. So we need to take some social and morale responsibility and do a lil research into what youre buying or buying into, in essence choose the lesser of two evils when a good choice isnt available. Next I do buy USA made whenever I can, like vehicles, I dont use BP gas, and not everything electronic is made with child labor, major pollution and other severely questionable business practices.

    Jesus Bhp, dont make me call the hyperbole police on you.

    And Yes I will condemn a company that has serious issues as I have from the start, I have never liked Apple because of things like this and imo their poorly designed devices. Just look at most of my posts history on apple. Its not like these are really all new developments about apple, but go ahead and keep closing your eyes and ears just so you dont have to think about it.

    And to everyone dont get all defensive just because the company that makes the device you love is morally bankrupt and its getting pointed out more and more. If you are determined to get that product(no matter the brand) know what the real costs are at least.
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    I have tried to stay out of this discussion, but I would like to make a few comments. First I condemn child exploitation in any form especially when it is done in the name of making profits for the company/shareholders/owner no matter what the company makes or how popular it is. Now I have worked in most countries including China and India, and seen the poverty that exists there, so before we go out and take the livelihood away from the children we have to have something in place to help the families they are supporting, to often people go in close these things down thinking they are doing the right thing and end up leaving families to starve. A better path is to force the companies to reduce the hours the child works while still providing the same pay, but add education for these teenagers so they will have a better future while their families can still eat. I am certain if people in the west were told their gadgets were going to cost 15% more in order to help these kids people would not object. Meanwhile the company should reduce their profit somewhat (we all know Apple could afford to do this as one of the most successful companies can afford to do this).

    This is not a time to be talking about which companies do this it is more a time to speak out against it no matter which company does it, because this is wrong but as I stated earlier we should not force them to close but should force them to help those being employed
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