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    Article: IDC Predicts Windows Phone 7 Will Overtake iOS


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    Not suprising at all, considering that Mango seems to be a helluva OS coming our way. Its presentation showed great promise. Secondly, and most important: worldwide, Microsoft is grand ! It dominates everywhere. So Mango will attract all this base. No need for smartphone clients to migrate to another OS, no incompatibilities to deal with, no need to buy special apps to make everything work and sync. Microsoft Office on your phone, no strings attached. Web, Chat, Flash, Office Docs. You name it.
    And Nokia is the favorite In Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. Even Australia.
    What a combination ! So long Mango pulls it off.
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    I am very curious about this update coming to windows ! It sounds grand I think It would be if they continue to deliver the way they have so far.

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