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    Article: HTC One vs Google Nexus 4


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    I'd vote HTC as well in this match up.
    Neither have removable storage and if I only had these two to choose from I'd take the HTC. It'd have stock androidcas soon as it was available though.

    I don't get this move by HTC to follow apple in the battery and storage area. One of the selling points of android devices over the years has been storage and user replaceable batteries.

    Eh, I like nexus devices, but I wouldn't have had one if 16gb was my only option.

    I still don't see it as much competition for the s4. I'll eat my words if wrong.

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    definitely HTC one...provided it has no bugs. interns of the camera...I hear from GSMarena that camera picture quality with still shots taken in good lighting is not so great at all but in low light it becomes a different concept entirely.

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