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    Article: HOLY CRAP: Look What Just Happened To Newspapers!


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    News travels so fast and so far with all these devices that who takes the time to sit down and actually read the paper anymore, well besides my wife and me, every morning like clockwork.

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    I would say the following hurt the press big time, 24 hour News channels (on Cable/Satellite), Internet news, mobile sites, lack of reporters available to actually report the news (too many newspapers troll the web looking for their news instead of going and reporting it). What happened to the journalist that would call the politicians to task (Watergate comes to mind) are there journalists today that would investigate our president, or congressmen purely because they believe that there is something wrong rather than investigations to kill somebodies political career because the reporter does not agree with the politicians political stance? The New York Times is known to report left leaning news; others are known to be right leaning. So each are happy to report sex scandals in politicians that don’t conform to their views and ignore in those that do, look at John Edwards, (he got away with a scandal for so long and it took the National Enquirer to get him). Then again these sort of things should not really affect their work other than if they lie to the electorate or use funds for their own personal gain. So Newspapers will definitely be a thing of the past unless they can really go back to reporting the unbiased news.

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    I blame twitter

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