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    Article: Harry Wang, Parks Associates: Microsoft to Buy RIM!


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    I really can't see this happening yet. RIM is still too strong even with it's struggles, unless Microsoft just offered them a gazillion dollars then maybe

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    I can see it... when a colossal sees its earnings down, especially on innovative products, and specifically in this case (the mobile market and all its dependencies), and having failed (so far with W7) in launching their own, its cheaper to buy something that's succesful.
    This way their investment is lower, their risk minimal and the market is there already. They just have to let it run normally and add some tidbits of their own, for identity.
    Unless RIM's price is too high and unattainable or overly exaggerated. The share-holders will have a say...
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    Please... don't let Microsoft near RIM. They will certainly mess up the whole thing. I like my BB the way it is.

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    I don't see it happening. Microsoft has a terrible history of losing, not making money on their acquisitions. Many shareholders already want Ballmer's head after overspending for Skype. I have a feeling Ballmer's days are numbered, especially after the failures of Danger and the Kin, plus this recent acquisition.

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