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    Article: Google Took The Two Best Android Phones In The World And Made Them


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    One comment to this - i read a lot about both of them when I was debating buying one, and I've since spent about 30 minutes with each - the Samsung Galaxy S4 in this case seems to be snappier and better on the battery. The snappier makes no sense, but there is definitely no lag what so ever. Also, the HTC One seems to have a lot of reception/signal problems in weak reception areas. A place where the blackberry had 4-5 bars of 4G, the HTC One had 1 bar barely. (same for the LG Nexus 4)

    From an "outside looks", this is hands down given to HTC. I've had 3 Samsung phones, and I hate nothing more than the stupid plastic feeling which gets oily and slippery over time. Samsung also over saturates the colors (which a lot of people hate, but some like).
    On the other hand, Samsung seems to have better lenses/cameras and the pictures come out gorgeous.

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    I haven't tried one of the newer HTC's, my only experience was with the Inspire. Having recently had the Galaxy S3, 4, and Note 2, I can say there's not much to dislike about any of the top of the line Samsungs.
    ​Galaxy S4 Red

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    Sorry Del; To each its own with that head line. I've had all the versions of Sense, Touch wiz, and pure Android. I prefer the custom UI's because they give me system features that stock Android doesn't give without downloading specific application that do so.

    You haven't lived until you've used the SG Note 2. I've had mine for 10 months and it still proves to me that it was a great buy. I don't think pure android could give you the Note 2 features without having to download a ton of apps.

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    It can't, and it's a shame. Look forward to Cyanogens Nemisis project. Hopefully we will see some things the manufacturers are doing. They've taken Google's camera app and added a slew of new features.


    It's a trade off for sure. I prefer to use vanilla because o then control everything on my device. However, Xposed is bringing some of that functionality to stock ui as long as you root.

    I would assume with these devices that you could go to sense or touchwiz as well since they are unlocked. Presumably you could have the best of both, switching as you desire. Of course you could do that with the other versions if you root.

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