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    Article: Google Says Gmail Users Have ‘No Legitimate Expectation of Privacy


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    ok...now I'm concerned, I have done major private bank related communication using my Gmail account...passwords...usernames...financial investments........let's start a riot and toytoy as we burn tyres.....I wish.

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    I have always been concerned about Google mail, which is why when it was recommended to use Google to transfer my contacts to my PlayBook I backed off and decided to not go that route. I have a Gmail account but do not use it much. It is really annoying though when big companies reel you in to using them and then make sweeping statements like this about privacy expectation.

    Add to that when 9/11 happened and it was closely followed by the Patriot Act my alarm bells went off, all my colleagues were not concerned but today most are really annoyed about what is happening, thinking it all came about under the present administration. If you have any common sense you will understand that all governments want to protect their people, the question then comes as to when it becomes too much of an invasion of privacy, the different amendments in the constitution tie the hands of the government which is good but in the minds of those in power it can be really frustrating. So a word to everyone out there, keep up with the news and the various laws that are about to be passed and ensure that your congressmen is there to represent you and not there to tow the party line or there because he is a republican or a democrat or even there because he looks the part. Wake up and vote!!

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