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    Article: Google’s new Chromebook also comes in 3G model for $329.99


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    Looks pretty sweet!! I'd go WiFi for 249.99 and tether free from sg3 when needed. :-) I may be buying one of these....

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    Just to let everyone know this is not a laptop. It's a tablet with a keyboard running Android basically. If you want to test what it is, install linux or ubuntu on your desktop and see if you like it. Not compatible with pc games/ office/ etc... If you want all these things you have to pay about $700. For that I'd rather wait for the new microsoft tablet i've seen ads about a day or so ago. Nice attempt Samsung but you'll probably get people that are just looking for a book to go online.

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    May have to buy one if these for the kid and tell her it's a macbook air. She won't know the difference.

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