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I download videos, as does Cas, for Emma to watch.... Smartphone News forum

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    I download videos, as does Cas, for Emma to watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delfim View Post
    I tend to go with BHP. YouTube, only if it's a must, otherwise I do well without it.
    So it is in the world of intelligence, intellimilligense, intellectuals and literati ...
    By the way, don't bother looking up that word Cats.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BHP41 View Post
    Yes, there's some decent stuff on YouTube. Yet, 90% of it is crap. It's a place for people to try and get their 15 minutes of fame. I have been able to download YouTube videos for a long while now but, I haven't. Why, well there's a matter of keeping everything organized. If there's a video that I want to reference back to at a later date. It gets bookmarked, or saved as a favorite. I don't need to download something and try and keep it. If it's been posted on YouTube, there's ten other videos about the same thing. So why download and try to save something? I don't get it?????

    Ummmm, no. I listen to music, not watch it. If I want an album or song, I buy it. On top of it would be a major PITA to try and listen to music this way.
    Some of it is crap. The percent doesn't matter. I've also been able to download for a while now. I assume this feature will be good for people who want to download while on wifi and watch while they're not so it won't eat up their data.

    Some stuff I have downloaded are HD football games. I can download these,pop them in itunes and watch them on my Apple TV whenever I want. Much more convenient than streaming from the internet. I have also downloaded some music videos to play in my truck so the screen will have a video rather than just controls...a bit geeky but that's me.

    A while back I ordered some headlights for my sons Jetta. Neither of us are mechanics but we watched a short Youtube "how to" video and finished the task like pros.

    I often watch sport clips on Youtube. Someone will say,"Hey did you see......". A quick search on Youtube and I can watch the clip that I missed.

    Some vids are peoples 15 min of fame and are stupid while others are pretty funny. I mean can you really watch this without laughing? If you can you're just a sour puss.

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    There goes my phone storage

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