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    Article: How Google can fix the worst thing about the Google Play store


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    I have long since given up using Play to find new apps. One of the frustrations would Be the category listings. You can choose Apps or Games. Problem is that most of the Apps listed are games.

    The subcategories are buried and apps don't seem to fit within them.

    The top apps haven't changed in years, which is a testament to those apps, but again games are often listed in them.

    I've found cruising XDA is better for finding new smaller apps. Biggest problem with those is development can stop at any time for any reason. I've wasted money on nice apps that just stop. Nova, AutomateIt come to mind....

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    Hear hear. Play Store is a jumbled mess. Always has been.

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    I rarely add new apps, so there's not much need in searching but you are correct it's a categorized mess. I just added WhatsApp cause the developer of the ROM I currently using is in India. I was a bit hesitant to download but in the end did.

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