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    Article: Global Traveler Readers REALLY DO Rank Verizon as the Best Carrier


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    Well reading the update, I still am perplexed that they would be considered the best carrier. But then the magazine is US based so maybe that biases the statement. I am not surprised at Singapore Airlines coming out tops, but then again they service a much smaller area, and have far less flights than one of the US airlines, so it is all subjective. I love flying on Singapore Airlines, but if I am traveling from Houston to LA, or Houston to Calgary I do not have that option, (at least I do if I fly Houston to Singapore). Based on that it all depends on how many people respond and the region the response is coming from. For example do Verizon phones work in Japan? Are all of Verizon BB capable of working in Europe? Can you use any Verizon phone elsewhere in the world, or do you have to specify that you want to use them overseas? Still it is good for their bragging rights. For everyone out there choose you carrier carefully and don't believe everything you read

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