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    Article: The Galaxy S4 has become the only Android phone that matters


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    Yep. That's been known since the GS3.

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    But as we all should know, sales have very little to do with how good these phones actually are, and more to do with how good their marketing actually is. Samsung and Apple have the best marketing. You constantly see the ads on the hypno-tube for these phones. I rarely see any marketing for the others. This article is misleading. Google isn't uncomfortable at all with this. In fact they aren't even trying to sell large quantities of phones. If they were, you would've seen them come with a huge media campaign for the near flawless Nexus 5. But they didn't even have a release event for it.

    The truth is they're not in competition with Samsung or Apple. Google is all about the services they offer. That's what matters to them. They don't care who wins the sales battle because they offer services on all of them. Many people miss this fact as they trip over themselves to tell you how Apple is number 1 in sales. Which means nothing for the actual consumer. The sales results are a testament to great marketing.
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